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The outpost has lost contact with Skeletris, the central skeleton city. And creatures in the wilderness are acting strangely. Make your way to the city, find out what's happened, and use your wits to defeat the unknown evil that now lurks there.

Puzzle-Based Equipment System

  • Use procedurally generated "artifacts" and weapons to build your character.
  • Arrange them in your 5x5 equipment grid like puzzle pieces!
  • Some NPCs can re-roll stats, change the shape, or modify items in other ways.

Turn-Based Combat

  • Take advantage of enemy positioning and timing to fight safely.
  • Potions and certain weapons can be thrown at enemies.
  • Tip: When "Zzz"s appear above an enemy, that indicates it won't act for a turn.

Full Story and Soundtrack

  • Hand-built levels are interspersed with generated ones to tell a linear story.
  • Each section ends with a unique boss encounter.
  • Progress can be saved at checkpoints.
  • Over 10+ songs!


W, A, S, D
Attack & Interact*
Walk into the target or Click it
Skip TurnSpace
Open Equipment
Open Map
Pick up ItemClick it (while nearby)
Use, Trade, or Throw Item*
While the item is on the cursor, click
the target player, enemy, or NPC
Rotate Item on Cursor
Activate Weapon1-6
Toggle Fullscreen**
Toggle Resolution

*Cardinal directions only.
**Fullscreen doesn't work very well with multiple monitors, sorry~

Most controls can be re-mapped in the pause menu.

Tips and Tricks

Go easy on the weapons! Their stats and abilities don't stack, so it's a waste of precious space. Equip just one or two, and support them with artifacts.
With multiple weapons equipped (like a sword and a whip, in this example), use the number keys to select between them. Only one may be used at a time.

Kite enemies whenever possible! Attack while they're resting, and step away while they're not. You can do this repeatedly against anything slower than yourself.
Mouse over enemies to see their stats. Some have nasty abilities (like poison!) that will kill you if you aren't prepared. You can also see their speed and remaining HP.

Throw potions at enemies and bosses! A well-placed debuff like slowness or confusion can make difficult battles easy.
Your own effects can be viewed at the bottom right. Note that you cannot stack the same effect more than once at a time, so drinking two regeneration potions in a row is unhelpful.


Art, coding, music, design, and concept by:

Made with PyGame and PyOpenGL


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Skeletris for Mac (64-bit) 46 MB
Skeletris for Windows (64-bit) 45 MB
Skeletris for Linux (64-bit) 57 MB

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as a guy that loves both tetris and skeletons i can say that youve done a great job


this game is soooo fun. wonderful!



This Game is absolulty amazing. Using the Tetris pieces as items was a great spin i have never seen. I have never played a game liked this but I enjoyed a lot.

Thanks so much. Glad you liked it!

Can you please have a save system for progress?

There is. There are "cloning machines" scattered throughout the game that save your progress when you enter them. The first one is right after the town.

rippppppp thanks though!

BTW this is super fun!

Thanks! Glad you like it!


Interesting concept with mixing Tetris and Old-School Rogue-Like genere together.


I had a lot of fun with this! The idea of using Tetris pieces as items in your inventory and having to arrange them to maximize space is a great idea, and the presentation is beautiful as well, great looking art. Well done.

Thanks so much! And thanks for featuring Skeletris in your January video! I'm honored :)


Very cool game! The Tetris inventory system is a neat twist.


Looking original. Tetris/Pathos/Nethack mix?

Thanks! There are some roguelike elements for sure, but it's a lot simpler (and more linear) than games like Nethack and Pathos. And you can save your progress at checkpoints. Some of my main inspirations for this were Spelunky, Path of Exile, Pokemon, and Tetris, although it doesn't really *feel* much like any of those in my opinion.

Never played Spelunky yet but I heard the name and looking interesting

Well If you need an audio guy for a jam then check out my portfolio