Crush aliens with boxes to win - but beware, objects in the same dimensional rift (i.e. objects with the same color) can't interact! Defend the castle, and the world, from the interdimensional threat.


  • [WASD] or Arrow Keys to Move
  • [Z] to Undo
  • [R] to Reset
  • [M] to toggle Music
  • [C] to toggle colorblind friendly colors (on by default)
  • Move towards a blocked cell to skip turn (there's no dedicated key for this)


This was made in a little over a week for Pygame Community Summer Jam 2022, where the theme was "Dimensions". I wanted to give the brand new pygame-wasm tech a try - that's how this is able to run in the browser (yes, it's really python and pygame running here)!

Another cool thing is that the sounds, music, and story text were generated using automated tools, not made by hand. In particular, the story was made by feeding numerous prompts into OpenAI's text playground and snipping out pieces of its output. (So if it seems a little incoherent... that's why).

I tried to make the colors colorblind-friendly (using a special palette). Please let me know if you have issues though.


  • Made by Ghast
  • Sounds generated using sfxr
  • Song generated by cgMusc (site)
  • Story text generated using OpenAI (by feeding it many prompts and selecting, arranging, and editing the outputs)
  • Font is "Alagard" by Hewett Tsoi
  • Made with pygame and pygame-wasm (for the web export)


Source code can be found here.

PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(2 total ratings)
Made withpygame, GIMP
TagsPixel Art, pygame, python, Retro, Short, Sokoban
Average sessionA few minutes


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9/6/2022 10AM EST - sorry folks, the web build is broken at the moment (stuck loading at 0%), due to factors outside my control. The Windows download should still work though and hopefully this outage is resolved quickly.

Edit: should be fixed (for now~)


yeah that's better than landing on the moon, pygame running on web, jeez... Great, you're great. A pioneer, your name will be forever spoken for many centuries! Hail to Ghast the Great!

Haha, thanks :)

I can't accept all the credit though - the real work was done by the folks over at,  I just followed the instructions and ran the script~ It's a big leap for pygame for sure though.


Love the game! Being able to play it on the browser is awesome!

Thanks! And I agree, it's awesome that this is possible now.